How I consistently become a bitch in my relationships

Something interesting happens in the dissolution of a relationship. Conversations become stale, monotone and lack detail. Calls and messages become scarce and short. It’s as if you’ve become strangers and communication is limited to the niceties about the weather. Passive aggressiveness takes on a whole new meaning and eventually someone gets ghosted out. This is my life and I’m okay with it.

The imbalance of 2017 begets the balance of 2018

I’ve been running into things a lot lately. I mean… a lot. I ran into the refrigerator one day, the corner of the oven the next and experienced numerous encounters with almost every wall throughout my home. One might think that it’s an equilibrium problem or eyesight issue, but I believe it may be something more. Perhaps something deeper than a physical imbalance, but rather an emotional imbalance of sorts.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself

There is nothing inherently wrong with doing things on your own but this particular “can do” attitude can easily become a dangerous influence in our ability to be open, be vulnerable, and to ask and receive help when you need it the most. Having a community that supports you is crucial in creating a life that moves in flow and in the direction, you desire. When you have people in your life who you trust and can hold in confidence, not only do you feel more vibrant and less overwhelmed, but your children do as well.

Show Your Crazy Sooner Rather Than Later

The idea of dating has always been a foreign concept to me. Even before marriage, and a handful of long-term relationships; I never truly subscribed to the whole dating thing. I was what you call a serial monogamist. An instant relationship type of girl. And it wasn’t until recently that I became curious (read: panicked) by the thought that I was now in a different world when it applied to meeting someone new and the rules around spending time with and getting to know said person; and that person getting to know me. All of me…. You know, the me that isn’t always super composed and articulate. Yeah, that me. You probably know someone just like her; and it’s probably you.

The Heaviness Within

It was a lovely late morning, turned afternoon…we had originally planned to go kayaking on the San Francisco Bay, but decided against it a few days earlier due to the forecasted rain showers. But on the day of the originally planned trip, I received a text which enthusiastically said, “The rain has stopped! Let’s go hiking and have coffee.”. I emphatically exclaimed, “Let’s do it!”, as I was secretly hoping to see him anyway.

5 Tips for National Health Month

The month of March is a special time of the year...This is the time where the seasons change and we take a moment to reevaluate our yearly, quarterly and lifetime goals. In addition, we celebrate National Nutrition Month, which allows us to look more closely at our current health condition and make plans for a more healthy and happier existence. If healthy eating, exercise and mindful living has not been a priority this year, or you are finding it difficult to incorporate it into your busy life; here a 5 tips to inspire you to live a more vibrantly energetic life during National Health Month.