The Beyond Intention Workshops

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You have an idea of what you want your life to look like, but you just can’t seem to make ‘it’ happen?

What is your BIG vision for the year 2019 and beyond?

Vision board workshops are popping up all over these days, and as much fun it is to paste magazine clippings to a board, there is so much more that is required to be clear on your vision(s) of the future and setting a strong intention to invite those desires into your life.

Whether your vision is:

  • A change in career

  • Starting a business

  • Creating an exciting, fulfilling relationship

  • Transforming your health and well-being

It is within your power to bring those desires to fruition

Many people go through life feeling fear around their life goals, without ever going after what they truly desire. If this is you; now is Your time!

What is a Vision Board? What does it mean to Visualize with Intention?

A Vision Board is the visual representation in which we quantify our desires. It helps to":

  • Create a clear signal to the Universe as to what we wish to create, manifest and attract into our lives.

  • Serve as a powerful tool for goal setting and manifestation.

  • See and understand your plans, displaying what you will energetically focus on for your short and long term goals.

To Go Beyond Intention is to:

  • Evaluate past experiences (without dwelling in them) so that you have clarity of what you truly desire

  • Acknowledge the areas in which need nurturing in order to bring about long-lasting changes in all areas of your life

  • Feel and see what it means to have all that you desire

So, how do we accomplish this?

The time spent during this workshop will allow it’s participants the opportunity to dream big and use that excitement to go through an inspiring, fun and refreshing process. Combining meditation, strategic goal setting and the act of Vision Boarding, participants will leave the workshop with a plan for their next steps, feeling inspired and open to receive.

There are a few ways for you to join a Beyond Intention Workshop:

  1. Attend a Live Beyond Intention Workshop. View calendar here.

  2. Attend a Live Online Beyond Intention Workshop. Sign up here.

  3. Schedule your own Beyond Intention Workshop (private or group). Schedule a free 20-minute Conversation to discuss. Or review the calendar below:

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